Off the Page Book Club

"Rescued, Not Arrested" featuring Roger Munchian: Episode Four

November 18, 2021 Frameworks, a Biblical worldview initiative from Northwest Christian School
Off the Page Book Club
"Rescued, Not Arrested" featuring Roger Munchian: Episode Four
Show Notes

Roger Munchian survived death row and today serves as the head of one of the largest prison ministries in the United States, "Rescued, not Arrested".   As a young man, in southern California and Arizona, Roger was a significant player within drug trafficking.  Eventually, his lifestyle caught up to him and he faced charges that could have resulted in capital punishment.

Instead, the Lord used that moment to change Roger's heart.  From a prison cell, he began studying God's word--the Holy Spirit used this pursuit to grab hold of his heart, transform his mind, and, eventually, completely change his circumstances.

In chapel at Northwest Christian School on Wednesday, October 27th, Roger used his story of how God's word transformed his life to help Mr. Brown launch the 2021 Red Letter Challenge.  The Red Letter Challenge is an annual campaign in which students are encouraged to read through the four gospels, one chapter per day, over the course of three months.

In this episode of the "Off the Page Book Club" podcast, Roger Munchian and Chris Gardiner continue working through Roger's biography, "Rescued, Not Arrested".  It is a story that you will not soon forget!

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